Brush Cutter – SPARTA 44 with Reaper attachment

Brand – Oleo Macwer/Displacement – 2.5HP-1.6Kw/40.2 cm3

Tube Diameter – 28mm

Grip – Handle Bar

Cutting Components – 130mm Dia, Tap N Go Head

Width – 3.00mm Dia Line

Clutch – Yes

Fuel Tank Capacity – 0.87L

Weight – 6.8 kg

Carburettor – Walbro –Japan

Front Handle – Steel Handlebar with Safety Switch

Primer – Yes

Harness – Double

Air filter – Cloth

Ignition – Digital Coil

High performance, for maximum productivity

Accuracy of cut, avoiding damage to vegetation around the work area and obtaining best possible results

Total comfort, with muscle fatigue minimized both when starting the machine and during prolonged use .It  allows an ergonomically correct posture for the operator

Ease of use, allowing even comparative novices to operate the equipment ultra-simply and in complete safety.

Low fuel consumption and low emissions, for minimal environmental impact

Easy maintenance for quick machine check-up and intervention.


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