Cow Lifting Device

Base frame:

Made from 60 mm outside diameter  ISI marked G.I  pipe welded with 60 mm outside diameter

G.I. pipe provided with 6 Inch diameter heavy wheels for easy movement of Travis.

Lifting System :

Gear Box type system with self-locking should be provided with minimum 8 mm clutch wire and pulley to lift the animal. Lifting operation should be easily done by single person.


Lifting Eye :

Made from 80 mm diameter G.I. Pipe with Inside support of 60 mm dia G.I. pipe with 12 U hooks of 12 mm dia m.s round bar



Sling should be made from non tearable Iifting material to Lift the whole animal from lied down or resting position and should cover the bottom part of the animal. Lifting capacity 1000Kg.


Size of sling – 1.47 meter x 1.47 meter with total 8 hooks It should have openings to fit all size of animals


6 Inch Diameter wheel with locking pin to be provided at bottom for easy of

movement in the field.


Height: 8 feet, Length: 4.5 feet, width: 4.5 feet



Greasing to be done on gearbox and oiling on the pulley easy lifting and long durability at the interval of10 days



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