Drum rotation frequency, rev/min 10500±1000

Number of plates in the drum, pieces 10…12

Milk receiver capacity, 12

Fat content of skim milk, %, max. 0.05

Regulation of volumetric proportion of fat towards skim milk from 1:4 to 1:10

Energy input, Watt, max. 60

Separated milk temperature, °C 35…40

Overall dimensions, mm, max. Bowl diameter 365 height 520

Centrifuge weight, kg 6

The centrifuge consists of the following components:

Ready-assembled milk receiver, pieces 1

Ready-assembled drum, pieces 1

Float bowl, pieces 1

Float, pieces 1

Cream receiver, piece 1

Skim milk receiver, pieces 1

Tap, pieces 1

Shipping case, pieces 1


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