Farm cooling system


Diary Fan

Propeller diameter: 1000 mm (6 blades)
Voltage/frequency: 3×400V / 50Hz (or other according to country setup)
Amperage: 2.0 A
Power consumption: 0.75 kW
Motor protection class: IP 55
Noise level: 68 dB(A) 5 m
Max capacity at 0 Pa: 29000 m³/h
Specific efficiency: 25.9 W/1000m³/h
Weight: 36 kg

Four Way Fogger

Reduces Temperature and increases humidity
interchangeable color-coded nozzles
Connected with LPD and push fit / bayonet.
fine droplet size (50-60 microns@ 4.0 bar)
A secondary filter (75-100 microns) is required to operate the products.
High water distribution uniformity and coverage


Size: 3/4″
Nozzle: 5.0×2. …
Pressure: 1-4.0 Kpa.
Flow Rate: 5-15 L/Min.
Range: 2.0- 10 m.


Two Types are Available

Using Diary Fan
Using Timer with Diary Fan, Four Way fogger and Sprinkler


To control humidity and temperature we use four way fogger

For removing methane gas and getting fresh air we use diary fan

Use sprinklers for top part of the farm shed


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