Flying Insect Killer – Fly Cutor

Flycutors are eco-friendly, hygienic, and cost-effective fly control systems.
Our Flycutors are electrically operated fly control units which has Ultraviolet Tubes and High Voltage Electric Grid.
Working Principle of Flycutor
The UV light emitted by Flycutors attracts flies towards the unit and eliminates flies with the high voltage grid. The tray provided at the bottom helps to collect the dead insects from the high voltage grid. Flycutors are operated by single phase 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Common Features of Flycutor
1. Vertically designed and larger high voltage grid helps by ensuring that the dead insects fall on to the collection tray easily.
2. It can be installed as wall-mounted or ceiling hanging.
3. For high-sensitive area, optional sleeved tubes are available.
4. Easy cleaning or replacing of tubes and collection tray without tools.
5. Manufactured with Galvanized Iron with powder coated finish or Stainless Steel 304 material to avoid rust and corrosion.
6. Best economic models with very high performance for home, industrial and commercial purpose.

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