Inter Cultivator (Diesel) KK-IC-406D

Displacement: 418 cc

Speed: 3500 RPM (Eng)

Number of Gears: 2 Fwd, 1 Rev (H/L)

Cultivation Width: 1350 mm

Cultivation Depth: 90-94 mm

Engine/Fuel: 4-Stroke/Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 L

Fuel Consumption: 0.78 L/hr


KK-IC-406D is a diesel-operated walk behind back rotary power weeder with the least vibration and is useful for farming turmeric, ginger, sugarcane, banana, etc. It is simple and easy to handle, maneuver, transport, and store that makes your work easier in weeding and ditching applications. Multiple implements like plough, ridger, and ditcher can be used as additional attachments in this model.


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