Inter Cultivator (Diesel) KK-SRT-910D/E

Standard Rotating Tines

Displacement: 406 cc

Speed: 1575 RPM(Eng), 300 RPM(Rota)

Number of Gears: 3 Fwd, 1 Rev

Cultivation Width: 45-91 cm

Cultivation Depth: 2.5-20.3 cm

Engine/Fuel: 4-Stroke/Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 L

Fuel Consumption: 0.91 L/hr

This is a Secondary Tillage equipment. It should be used in land that has already been ploughed using tractor and has sufficient moisture. It is used for inter-cultivating, turning the soil, weeding, aerating, and making rows for plantation.


Engine and Gyrotiller should be purchased separately


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