Open Well Submersible Pump Sets

Brand – Lubi

Motor Body – Cast Iron/Stainless Steel

Stator – Vacuum Impregnated and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Thick and laminations are provided to protect motor windings.

Rotor – Vacuum Impregnated, shot blasted & coated with polyurethene color for corrosion resistance & dynamically balanced for vibration free smooth operation.

Winding – PVC/ Polyester insulated, water cooled.

Journal Bearings – Leaded bronze and stainless steel, Water lubricated , having high load bearing capacity.

Thrust Bearings – Carbon v/s Stainless steel & water lubricated to with stand high axial thrust loads.

Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm – Adequately sized to accommodate expansion of water inside the motor and prevents the loss cooling water.

Impeller – Graded cast iron & Dynamically balanced.

Casing – High grade cast iron.

Wear Rings – High quality abrasion resistance bronze.

Shaft – Stainless steel of adequate diameter to ensure rigidity and ground to close tolerances.

Cable Sealing Arrangement – Designed so that no borewell water with sand can enter the motor.


• Irrigation from open wells especially where there is wide fluctuation in water levels.

• Community water supply from open wells.

• Fountains.

• Canals / Rivers belt irrigation.

• Water supply for high-rise building


Pumpset are designed to withstand voltage drops to 320 volts.

It has well designed sleeve and thrust bearing of adequate capacity for longer life.

High operating efficiencies of pumpset result into high water discharge rate and lower power bills.

All components are precisely machined on modern precision machine tools to give you years of reliable operation.

Stator and rotor of the monoset are vacuum impregnated with synthetic varnish and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance.

All rotating components are dynamically balanced to ensure long bearing life and vibration free smooth operation.

All pumpsets are fully tested prior to dispatch.


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