Stirrer/Curd Churner – Avadhooth 40L

VOLTS: 170 TO 250 V. AC.

H.P.: 0.012

CAPACITY: 20 Liter Water + 20 K.G. Curd = 40 Liter Maxi.

Power Consumption: 90 Watt.

Use Charge: 1 hour Rs. 0.54 (Approx per Unite Charge Rs. 6.00)

USE: Maximum 1 Hour (Short Duty)

Total Length – 24.5” Inch.

Without Motor: 17.5″ Inch

Dis Diameter: 9.5” Inch. (Moving) S.S.

Speed: 1425 R.P.M.

Weight: 5.900gm

Shock Proof due to earthing.

No effect due to voltage fluctuation & easily run in Low & High Voltage.

Totally Aluminum 10 to 60 Liter Body & Rust Proof.

Preparation of Lassi within Minutes due to Cutter type design.

Light weight & easy to move.

To make Lassi, can use any type of pot or cane.

No vibration & Noiseless due to Double Bearing.


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