Stirrer/Curd Churner – Mathana 5L

The Curd Churner is a very popular household product from Mathana stables. It eliminates the manual process of churning the curd and extracting butter out of it. With the use of it the whole process is rendered very simple, just dip the rotating shaft of the machine into the bowl of the curd and switch on .

Material – Stainless Steel Rod

Dimension – 7x8x15

Capacity – 0.5 to 4 Ltr Churning

Motor – 45 W

Comment – Single Directional Churning

Apperance – Powder Coated


Alleviates manual curd churning

No manual intervention required

Clean and healthy

Easy to clean and maintain

The churner is powered by 120 Watts motor

The above variants has a capacity of 2 to 12 ltr

High quality product with excellent after sale support



Domestic use for butter extraction

Small to medium sized diary industries


Manufactured using good quality stainless steel and other materials

Compact and good looking

Portable and smooth rotation, no spillage

Efficient power usage

Less space occupation


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